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Elohim investments homes is a real estate business focused on advising people and provide a real and transparent support, following up in a personalized way, whose work ranges from the analysis of the current situation for each opportunity, approach and monitoring. The work of advising is based on professionalism, the knowledge of the industry from several aspects, giving a response with a human sense, and high value advice, using technology as a tool for the fullfillment of each function. With defined processes framed in ethics and transparency, we share the vision of bringing the real estate business to high standards , working under a formal, responsible scheme and above all with a highly committed staff.

Our history


Historical Review Elohim Investment Homes Inc.

is a company dedicated to the purchase and sale of houses and lots, being an innovative company to the changing environment, in order to adjust to new markets and customer needs. Focused on attracting and generating employment with the objective of helping people to their professional and spiritual growth. It was founded in 2019, under the obedience and docility of listening to the call of God of it.

Our vision


Help people to create a relationship with God, in order to discover their talents that God has given them and develop the full potential allowing Jesus Christ to live through them, so they can live in harmony with their community and God.

Our mission


Finding solutions to satisfy our clients needs, developing a culture so that people can maximize their full potential and therefore find solutions in social problems such as orphanages and nursing homes, education, healthy situations, and creating jobs amongst other things.


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